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Mirante da Escadinha da Penitência - Gangorra gigante de Santa Bárbara

The Mirante da Escadinha da Penitência is one of the most famous sights in Santa Bárbara do Tugúrio in Minas Gerais because of the infinite-edge seesaw (swing) that is on site.

The history of the Mirante began to change in July 2020 when the "Do Carmo" brothers led by Alex do Carmo decided to build a giant seesaw on the edge of the gazebo. It was a herculean task. Those who know the access trail to the place can imagine how the heavy logs that make up the seesaw were taken up the hill. Alex, who is a Tour Escort in the city, tells this story to all the guests of the Pousada who takes him there, always with the same enthusiasm, as if it were the first time. He explains:"It wasn't with any machine, the operation happened the old-fashioned way, that is, on the arm".


The brothers made several trips, and together they took the logs that served as the base for the swing and the tools for assembling the structure. It was a voluntary action that took a turn that even Alex could not have imagined, as the fame of the swing today transcends the borders of the municipality. It is common for many guests from other locations in Minas, Rio de Janeiro and even Espírito Santo and São Paulo to arrive at the Pousada and seek information about the "giant swing of Santa Bárbara".

The observation deck beyond the swing has an incredible view of the city, and is also a free flight launch pad for paragliders and hang gliders. 

The  Viewpoint is part of the Circuito da Penitência, which is made up of trails and two waterfalls: the charming Escadinha da Penitência Waterfalland the little onePanela Waterfall  with its over ten meter deep ditch..

The name of the Mirante, according to the stories of the oldest residents of the region, indicates that in the distant past, when Santa Bárbara do Tugúrio was still a district of Barbacena, the place was used as a"pilgrimage path"that came from a"wooden cruiser"on Penitência Road until you reach the trail of the same name. According to oral tradition, there was a"stone staircase"which over time was being degraded by use until it almost disappeared. Even today there are weak remnants on the stones of this stairway (escadinha) that once existed.

Many guests da innThose who visit the lookout do the Circuito da Penitência in full - lookout and waterfalls - and prefer to visit in the morning due to the lower temperatures or in the late afternoon to see the sunset, which in most of the year is very beautiful.

* The Belvedere is on private property, prior authorization may be required to visit it.


Icone de informações complementares da Pousada & Parada Olhos D'Água
Veja mais fotos da Escadinha da Penitência

Distance: 7.1 km to the beginning of the trail along Penitência road. Another 2.1km of walking along the Escadinha da Penitência Trail.

More details:  Mirante da Penitência, Mirante da Escadinha, Mirante Escadinha da Penitência, Mirante Escadinha da Penitência Ramp, Rampa da Penitência, Morro da Penitência, Trilha da Escadinha da Penitência and Mirante da Seesaw are other names like the same location is known.


Maintenance of the seesaw is carried out by Alex do Carmo at his expense.  Alex is also a Tour Escort in Santa Bárbara do Tugúrio.

*The distance is approximate and has the Pousada & Parada Olhos D'Água as the starting and ending point.


To see more photos of the Escadinha da Penitência Trail click here


Why is the city of Santa Bárbara do Tugúrio in Minas Gerais considered the "capital of waterfalls" in Campo das Vertentes? Because currently there are more than 50 waterfalls documented in the limits of the municipality. Many  of these untouched natural beauties attract tourists from all over Brazil who like to explore remote natural beauties. There is a saying in Minas that says: "the more beautiful the waterfall, the harder it is to find it." The starting point for all this is Pousada & Parada Olhos D'Água.

Informações sobre as cachoeiras de Santa Bárbara do Tugúrio em Minas Gerais
Tenha um Guia, essa é a dica da Pousada & Parada Olhos D'água para você que quer fazer turismo rual


Most of the natural beauties of Santa Bárbara do Tugúrio that make the city a large natural park with its more than 50 waterfalls, trails and viewpoints are in places that are often only known_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_by residents of the region or may be on private properties. The Guide or Accompanying Person is important as it will take you along the correct path - many waterfalls do not have a marked trail -  and will obtain, if necessary, authorizations to access the places e make your Pleasant, worry-free ride.

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