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Miniatura de passarinho na loja de artesanato da Pousada & Parada Olhos D'Água

Next to Pousada & Parada Olhos D'Água is our handicraft shop and workshop. In the store you can find local handicrafts from different regions of Minas Gerais and do Brasil. In the store you can also find many utensils  that you will see in use in our Restaurant such as towels,  stoneware and other accessories.

The handicraft workshop is run by the popular craftsman "Baiano" who makes unique pieces. You can choose between the works  ready to show or order your personalized piece. 


The Handicraft Shop is open every day,

including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays de 

07:00 am to 18:00 pm

Craftsman "Baiano" in action

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It's a miniature wooden bird. This piece may be available for purchase at the handicraft shop at Pousada & Parada Olhos D'Água

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