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Voo de Parapente em Santa Bárbara do Tugúrio

The activity of jumping off a mountain and landing on a flat surface is known as paragliding. This is the name of the sail-shaped equipment used for the activity, which can also be called a paraglider

In Santa Bárbara do Tugúrio this practice is offered by "Japão Extremo", usually inJapan Ramp.

extreme japan

If you like to practice paragliding or want to experience paragliding free flights, it is possible to hire this sport while you are staying with us. You can obtain more information directly on the phone/whatsapp (32) 99963-1469, clicking here  or on the team's Instagram at



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Why is the city of Santa Bárbara do Tugúrio in Minas Gerais considered the "capital of waterfalls" in Campo das Vertentes? Because currently there are more than 50 waterfalls documented in the limits of the municipality. Many  of these untouched natural beauties attract tourists from all over Brazil who like to explore remote natural beauties. There is a saying in Minas that says: "the more beautiful the waterfall, the harder it is to find it." The starting point for all this is Pousada & Parada Olhos D'Água.

Informações sobre as cachoeiras de Santa Bárbara do Tugúrio em Minas Gerais
Tenha um Guia, essa é a dica da Pousada & Parada Olhos D'água para você que quer fazer turismo rual


Most of the natural beauties of Santa Bárbara do Tugúrio that make the city a large natural park with its more than 50 waterfalls, trails and viewpoints are in places that are often only known_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_by residents of the region or may be on private properties. The Guide or Accompanying Person is important as it will take you along the correct path - many waterfalls do not have a marked trail -  and will obtain, if necessary, authorizations to access the places e make your Pleasant, worry-free ride.

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